Chloe Bennet defends relationship with controversial YouTube star

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Chloe Bennet has Thursday confirmed that she has a relationship with YouTuber Logan Paul (23). Did the 26-year-old actress and singer when she made her relationship with the controversial vlogger defended after questions on Twitter.

Chloe Bennet, Paul Logan

Logan came earlier this year discredited after he on his YouTube channel, the images had to show someone who had committed suicide. YouTube deleted this a number of projects that the company with the vlogger had run and deleted his channel out Google Preferred.

A fan rumors had heard that Chloe had a relationship with Logan, asked the Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. actress why they would do that. Reply Chloe: “Because he is sweet, creative, funny, and immensely curious about life, on the best ways weird and a dork. And he is one of my best friends.”

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Or others that understand, the actress not so much. “For many people, this is not logical, but that’s not necessary. He has my life positively changed and I have the same done for him.”

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