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Change of the power with foundation

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Plays columnist and opiniemaakster Mia Doornaert (72) will soon play a key role in the Flemish letterenwereld? The N-VA will slide her forward as an independent candidate.

The Flemish government will decide today on the appointment of new directors for the Flemish Literature Fund (FLF). There is also a vacancy for a new chairman, who is a former politician Jos Geysels follow-up to the head of the new board of directors. That appointment should be completed by the N-VA. The Standard learned that the party, this columnist and opiniemaakster Mia Doornaert elections.

Vital player

The VFL is the institution to which the Flemish literature promotes abroad. The fund decides in addition to incentive and werkingsbeurzen for authors and literary magazines, and provides subsidies for auteurslezingen, literary events and organizations. This makes it an indispensable player in the Flemish letterenwereld.

The president of the FLF are part of the daily management of the organisation and therefore has a significant impact on the operation. Together with the board of directors, he or she also who participates in the various consultative committees of the fund. It is a mandate of four years that may be renewed once.

The N-VA says deliberately chosen to have for someone with an independent label, at the top of the social life, at home in the literary world, and have a strong commitment to the general English.

‘Exciting challenge’

After her journalistic career on the foreign desk of The Standard, for which they still have a bi-weekly column writes, worked Doornaert as advisor and speechwriter to the cabinet of the then minister of Foreign Affairs Yves Leterme (CD&V). Doornaert stated yesterday, ‘very honoured’ that she as a candidate is proposed for this function, which for her is an ‘exciting challenge’.

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