Blof and Geike write history

4dbe10a57d6134ef3c21cdc163204bc6 - Blof and Geike write history

The band and Geike Arnaert break this week to demand the two-year-old record of Tourist LeMC by ‘Zoutelande’ for the 21st week 1 in the Flemish Ultratop 50. The band and Geike Arnaert was the number one kwijtgespeeld to Niels Destadsbader but those two wiselen again this week of place in the charts. What a great achievement! Wondering how long we will have to wait for someone has managed to record of the Band and Geike Arnaert to get it.

Sam Jaspers, director of Ultratop: “Never before was a track so long on 1 in the Flemish hitgeschiedenis. Since August 2016 was the record in the name of ‘Horizon,’ from Tourist LeMC feat. Spiritual Wally who then, in turn, Fixkes took over.”

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