Amsterdam airport Schiphol looks to sea

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Amsterdam airport Schiphol – business owners and residents save the hands to a runway of Schiphol airport in the sea to get off the ground. They have an advanced plan for such a’zeebaan’, that the full Haarlemmermeer must go defecate.

It would be the seventh course must be after the Polderbaan, which in 2003 was opened. But then in the sea, where there is plenty of room and noise is not a nuisance. Passengers via fast rail service connected to a central Airport terminal.


To a lay ’IJ-plane ” in the North sea at IJmuiden would be one or even more ’lawaaibanen’ of Schiphol, such as Buitenveldert and Aalsmeer, shifted.

“Air traffic continues to grow. A vliegstop is not realistic given the large economic interests for the Netherlands. The airport move is too expensive. But jobs could be in the sea,” says researcher Eef Haverkort of the residents around Schiphol.

“We miss the dot on the horizon from The Hague,” says alderman Guus Elkhuizen of Nieuwkoop, one of the initiators of ‘example, during previous years’. “As we now know that we have a number of years by the sour apple of a nuisance to go to bite, then we know where we stand.”

The government is procrastinating with the further development of the aviation industry. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen threw Schiphol airport for three years at lock, while overloopvliegveld Lelystad, the netherlands again has been delayed by all the resistance. A ’dependance’ in the views of experts only real groeioptie for amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, soon to be led by former state secretary Dick Benschop of the party.


The business community supports the plan. Chairman Hans Bakker of werkgeversclub VNO-NCW Metropool Amsterdam, is the idea of the ’zeebaan’ very sympathetic. “We want to seriously look into it, although there are uncertainties. As a part of the flight paths may still be on land.”

Extra space in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and later also in Lelystad set according to those involved weren’t. “That is rumbling in the margin. We can hardly out of the feet when it comes to growth of Schiphol in the longer term. In addition we have, as the Netherlands take note of the knowledge to this. Getting started so, with that example, during previous years”, says ceo Peter Berdowski of dredger and marine contractor Boskalis.

Maastricht and Groningen are too far in the region, although vakantievliegers as Corendon and TUI it must be evasive, because the ceiling of 500,000 flights in the Haarlemmermeer is already reached. However, pleading the airline industry to 650,000 flights.

The Omgevingsraad Schiphol (ORS), a wide consultation organisation for which the minister recommends, put there question. “According to recent lawaaicijfers there may be until 2030 at the most 30.000 flights”, says Kees van Ojik of local residents.

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