5-year-old plant’s own funeral: bouncy castle, Batman, and ice cream

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Amsterdam – “My name is Garrett Michael Boofias, I am five years old, I am a bulldog, and my favorite color is blue… and red and black and green.” This is the beginning of the letter with the wishes of the 5-year-old Garrett Michael Matthias from the U.s. state of Iowa.

Garrett in a hospital bed.

Garrett referred to himself as ’Boofias’ because he ’Matthias’ are not very good could speak. The 5-year-old boy died last week from a rare form of cancer. So reports CNN.

Before his death made he together with his parents and an imaginary funeral in each other. “Funerals are sad. I want five bouncy castles (because I five am), Batman, fireworks, and ice cream,” he said to his parents. In the letter he writes that he’d like to be, just as the mother of the superhero Thor. And that he if tree wants to grow, so that he is there, I can live if he, after his death, a gorilla is.


Saturday there is a time to say goodbye to Garrett. With five bouncy castles, fireworks and a special ceremony based on Thor. “The cremation is later in the day. If we have invented how we as change in a tree”, write the parents of Garrett on the website where the letter of their son to read.

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