Waylon served not to critique Johan Derksen

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Waylon found it no problem after fierce criticism of Johan Derksen on the slide at VI Oranje remain at home. “How fun is it to the people under the eyes, to see something of you. Everyone is always running away, but I think that’s just nonsense”, said the singer for the broadcast.

Derksen called Waylon in previous broadcasts of VI under more of a ’freak first class’ and a ’misguided missile’. Also he wondered if he was good at his head.

Any excitement was during the episode of Wednesday, no question. Waylon said, pretty soon that the long was good between him and Derksen. “We see each other backstage and then dicks with each other and I give him a tap under his ass and then it is also good,” says the singer.

“I don’t care so what is different from me”, went to Waylon further. “As long as I am being discussed here, and my name, well said. Then I’m glad john”, he joked then.

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