Van Hove is doing West Side Story on Broadway

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Ivo van Hove has been appointed as the director of the new women of the classic West Side Story on Broadway. The choreography is by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker also be in Belgian hands.

Ivo van Hove

Van Hove, who are currently also affiliated with Toneelgroep Amsterdam, will find it an honour that he was with West Side Story to the battle. “I consider Bernstein’s musical as a masterpiece of the twentieth century. In our world where communities, cultures radically opposite of each other and there all too often to violence as a solution is seized, is this musical more than ever relevant,” he says in a statement.

West Side Story is a free adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and takes place in New York. The story is about Tony and Maria, who in two rival gangs (the Sharks and the Jets) hear. Despite the differences, they are still in love with each other.

The original musical was in 1957, premiere, Robert Wise made in 1961 film with Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer in the leading roles. The film was awarded ten academy awards. Currently works for Steven Spielberg in a new film version.

The new women are going in February 2020 in New York premiere.

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