Temptation Island-Danielle had a stroke

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We shall not soon forget: Daniëlle Damhuis from Temptation Island. In the show she fell quickly by the strange actions of her friend friend Mezdi, and her special relationship with seducer Fabrizio. Despite its strong appearance in the program, they say that a muurbloempje.

In &C, the magazine, Chantal Janzen, tells them that they are actually not at all the type to be in the spotlight. “I do not in the foreground, I am very accommodating. That I still wanted to participate in Temptation, is because everything I wants out of life. Three years ago I had a stroke so I again starting from scratch and had to learn to walk. Since I can, I think with everything: you only live once.”

Unfortunately for Danielle ran into her relationship on the rocks during the ultimate relatietest. “I was convinced that Mezdi not in the wrong. He would himself and me not to ridicule? When I asked him at the first campfire is already too intimate saw with two girls, I was ready.”

Nevertheless, Daniëlle not regret her participation. “People say sometimes: but had not participated in the Temptation. But then this was just so well done. The only difference is: the whole of the Netherlands looks. And maybe that’s a good sign.”

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