Suspects arrested after break-in Connie

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The police in Antwerp has suspects arrested after the notorious break-in at the apartment of CONNIE WITTEMAN in the South of Amsterdam. There disappeared Saturday night her entire treasury, a safe with a true power of jewelry. Of stolen necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches is at this moment still not been found.

In diamond city Antwerp have the perpetrators, one of whom is recognizable in the picture was made on cameras-tried their precious booty to trade. At this time, it is verified whether this has been successful, or that the pieces are still somewhere saved.

In connection with the investigation, the police according to a Twitter message still on the lookout for a black Fiat with a registration number that starts with 92-SN. Tips about this car can be reported via 0900-8844 or Report Crime Anonymously.


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