Strange bird prevents the nudist beach

Amsterdam – A strange bird prevents the opening of the second nude beach of Belgium.

In Belgium rare Lark prevents the construction of a nudist beach.

According to the Agency for Nature and Forest is home to the rare lark just behind the dunes of Westende. It would be the only place in Flanders where the lark occurs.

According to the officials, the birds suffer from the ’other activities’ of the naaktzonners. The federation of naturists feel in the crest gets stolen that they be deposited as sekstoeristen. The Newspaper says a spokesperson: “we regret this behavior, that have nothing with naturism.”

There is already a nude beach in Bredene, but that is crowded. The Federation of Belgian Naturism (FBN) therefore wanted a second strip of sand in the twenty kilometers situated in Westende. Advantage: it looks there are also no buildings on the beach.

The Flemish minister of Environment Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) feel there is little.

The naturists are not immediately dispel. They argue now for the barbed wire between the beach and the dunes of Westende.

The lark is on the ’red list’ of protected birds in the Netherlands and Belgium. With our southern neighbour would have only a few broedpaartjes life.

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