SEE: Selena Gomez as a 5-year-old bijdehandje

Mandy Teefey, mother of Selena Gomez is in her archive diving and decided to make a hilarious video of her then 5-year-old daughter to share. It is clear that Selena was not in her mouth.

Selena Gomez

In the video it is shown how a very cute Selena Gomez on the phone with her mother and tells about her day. “My teacher says that I should do everything! I have to do it alone!”, begins an indignant Selena.

Only the look in her eyes and the way she talks, let all see that the little girl does not agree with the way things are. But given her mother on the other side of the line is, she puts her frustration force with the words: “I’m going crazy, you must help me! That will I do, girl…” she responds when her mother seems to want to appease.

But, a picture says more than thousand words, so check out the video for yourself:

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