Second film about Thai grotdrama in the making

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Two days after the rescue of twelve Thai football players and their coach out of a flooded cave, there are two movies in the making about the drama.

On Wednesday it was already known that the christian movie studio Pure Flix to get started with a movie of the rescue operation, in which all the stranded teens and their trainer alive from the cave were reached, but a rescue worker died. Thursday also announced director John M. Chu is a film about the football team, that almost three weeks was stuck in the cave.

On Twitter gave the director, who previously, four Step Up films and Jem and the Holograms made, that he is afraid that other studios the story will be ’whitewashen’. By this is meant that in a film, the roles of non-Western characters are played by white actors, or there is a heldenrol is assigned to a Western figure in a story that revolves around people with a different ethnicity.

“I refuse to be Hollywood the story about the Thai grotreddingsactie to whitewashen”, said John on Twitter. “Not if I can help it. We let it happen or they go quite a demanding though. This is a beautiful story about the people who save people. So if someone thinks this story under our hands, then he can better correct and respectful.”

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