Roxeanne Hazes is showing proudly newborn son

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Roxeanne Hazes share Thursday on Instagram the first picture of her newborn son Fender and about, say on a pink cloud.

The first-time mother wrote: “Just in love with it on my boys.”

Wednesday night showed the fiance of Roxeanne on Shownieuws know why they have the names Fender, Andrew Arnold Zwennes have chosen. “Fender is a name which we both, independently of each other, immediately excited about. We looked at each other and knew that it was him” said Erik.

He added that the second and third name to the grandfather’s point: “Rox was in her youth a few times a year with her father to America, and there he was, of course, Andrew called. And since they have the finest time with her father’s polite, she thought it would be nice to have that name.” The name Arnold is a reference to the father of Erik himself.

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