Novitsjok-panic in Salisbury was a false alarm

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Salisbury – The unrest that Thursday evening broke out in the British Salisbury, turns out a false alarm. The place was Thursday again startled by an incident that would have the nerve Novitsjok. The panic in the place was great because of the events of the past.

A man in his thirties was ill in the neighborhood of the restaurant where ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, before their poisoning dined. He collapsed on the street in each other, reported British media. What is with the basket to the hand was, is not clear.

According to the local police is a man of about thirty years. “Given the recent incidents in the Salisbury and Amesbury, we take the necessary precautions to the public to maintain security”, said the security agencies previously.

The 44-year-old English woman who has recently worked with a man infected with the nerve gas Novitsjok, earlier this week died. The woman was together with the man found in the place, Amesbury, in the town of Salisbury.

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Police in conversation with novitsjok-victim

It is not yet known where and how the set with the nerve is infected. Novitsjok, the poison that was used in the attack on Skripal, during the Cold War developed in the former Soviet Union.

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The British prime Minister Theresa May said shocked by the death of the woman. Her country, Russia has accused of an attack with the gas to have committed Skripal and his daughter. Russia denies involvement and claims that Britain’s “anti-Russian sentiments are trying to stir up”.

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