Netflix makes a series of Letter for the king

Netflix is going to be a series on the basis of the jeugdroman The letter for the king from 1962 of Tonke Dragt. This report uitgeverij Leopold. Netflix makes the best-seller, an English-language series for which recordings in the autumn begin.

The letter for the king is the first Dutch book by Netflix will be filmed. Uitgeverij Leopold has recently released the international tv rights of The letter for the king by Tonke Dragt, was sold to the British television production company FilmWave.

The letter for the king is in 25 languages, was awarded with the Prize for the Best children’s Book of the Year and was in 2005 voted the best children’s book of all time. In 2014, the book translated into English.

The recordings begin in the fall in New Zealand. “So the magical world that Tonke Dragt describes in The letter for the king beautiful in the picture,” says uitgeverij Leopold. Netflix offers the series in 190 countries around the world for more than 125 million subscribers.

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