May usa. Trump: the not so special relationship

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The American president Donald Trump is four days in the United Kingdom. He’s going to tea-drinking with the queen and playing golf in Scotland, but everyone asks himself the question whether he is prime minister Theresa May will again schofferen.

“We are the largest investors in each other’s economy. Every day millions of Brits working in American companies, while as many Americans do the same in British companies in the US. This week …

“We are the largest investors in each other’s economy. Every day millions of Brits working in American companies, while as many Americans do the same in British companies in the US. This week we can use that unique relationship to deepen. I look forward to that important debate.’

In the run-up to the four-day visit of the American president spoke to the British prime minister, Theresa May, her high expectations. The question is if it is not particularly wishful thinking is of the premier. May brought the first European head of government to visit the White House. That was interpreted as an illustration of the ‘special relationship’ that the two countries have. May’s predecessors – and particularly Tony Blair – had the band claimed.

They are too different

But May came in early 2017 back of a bare-bones trip. And that was a big disappointment. By the threat of Brexit is London is urgently looking for new partners to vrijhandelsverdragen to close. The US was naturally the leading candidate. But with Donald – America First – Trump is the evil cherries to eat. That he May be immediately apparent.

In addition, he seemed at first meeting little respect for her. The way they Brexit negotiations approach, he finds nothing. Many are too soft and too careful. Trump has several times made clear that he that Brexit is an excellent choice. His favorite minister was Boris Johnson. Who dared to say that the Brexit in full to be implemented.

Immediately after his resignation, tweeted Trump that he Johnson as a true friend saw. For May, he did not say a word about it. The relationship between the two heads of government, there is the past few months, is not improved. Karakterieel and political-ideological is the water between the two particularly deep.

The British premier was, in several crucial files completely the opposite of Trump. They criticized openly his decision to leave the nuclear agreement with Iran. She was not happy at all with the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem, and when Trump import tariffs on European steel, she was even furious.

Trump schoffeerde May by an islamophobic video of the far-right British splinterbeweging Briain First to retweet.

It is a difficult time

In short, the relationship between the two countries is at this moment, anything but ‘special’. In addition, the visit – which is already a time was deferred – at a difficult time for May. The negotiations with the European Union the Brexit go to a climax and she sits after the dismissal of Johnson is anything but comfortable on her chair. Tentatively, she keeps a cool head and keep the hard Brexiteers in her party life of the province. But most observers at Westminster assume that this is silence before the storm.

Trump threw in his final press conference at the Nato still has some oil on the fire. He repeated that he was from one hectic meeting to the other draws and that his meeting with the Russian president vladimir Putin are probably easiest. He also repeated that the Brexit, according to him, all the way was due to the lax immigration policies of Europe. Thus he crossed the hard Brexiteers again a heart under the belt.

And he doubted whether the soft Brexit that May pursues, the best approach is. “The people have voted the relations with the EU to break, so that is what I thought would happen. But now for a different approach. I don’t know if that is what they have voted.’

The relationship between the UK and Russia is below freezing

The calendar is arranged so that there is hardly any politics can be done. Trump May meets tomorrow at her country retreat Chequers. there will undoubtedly be talking about the future business relationship, but May will be him also the heart print is not too kind to Putin.

The relationship between the UK and Russia are sitting by the wine in his oats at a record low. For May, it is crucial to the West united at Moscow. That message will Trump certainly give. The British diplomats hope especially that Trump the re-schofferen.

There is a protest coming on

Furthermore, it is especially watch out or the protest does not get out of hand. In London the police are massively on the leg, but also in Glasgow and Edinburgh will be argued.

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