’Marry now, later on unlimited cheating’

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Spoiler alert – The men in Temptation Island VIPS to make a perhaps fatal error. They are drunk, have sex and blow off steam, while they think that their transmitters don’t like. “If it could, I had the whole island taken.”

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Ruud and Rowena

The kampvuurbeelden of Rosanna, who says that she is happy that she is Alex has gene**kt, the boom still strong in the mannenresort. Donny Roelvink, there can be ’only puke’, Niels cries out at – how could it be otherwise – frivolous Fabiola. And the women has Rosanna has no idea how her friend in the images has responded. Because if he goes away, he is just stupid. In the words of the Temptation-veteran: “He is no better friend to find me”.

Niels creeps out of his slachtofferrol during a party with the verleidsters. “I beep its beep-stuff to the outside and plug them in, the beep-ing flames. Beep-whore,” he says about Rosanna. Clearly. He is single, proclaims himself. And crawls in bed with Fabiola. Where there is little exciting happening. (She wants him first to her mother proposals.) The fireworks are going off because an appointment was violated. Rosanna assumes that Niels fog effect, and just ’is n**ken’. “He may poodle.” The dramakoningin at the top: “I save ‘m dead when I see it.”

The men put the after the campfire quite a bit a booze. Stefano, who with his girlfriend Gelina the appointment had not more than two drinks to do so, according to temptress, Kelly at least twenty. “They all have such a sense, in sex,” she says about the lord. There, she makes use of: she makes with an already excited Ruud within earshot casually the remark: “I have very beautiful lips, you know.” He does get in: “If I make the error, create with the Kelly, it’s pure lust.”

The dates in this seventh episode to give the camera a twist: the leaders decide who goes with whom on the date, the quantity a little bit to fire. The greatest temptations. Niels and Fabiola go on a date, Ruud and Kelly, Donny and Danique and Stefano and Zwanetta.

Rosanna goes to Alex (john), Rowena Karim, Amijé goes Thies dating and Gelina is delivered to Jarredson. The emotionally incontinent Gelina touch the control for the date lost. Jarredson is too much in her space, she says. But eh, it is, therefore, a deceiver, eh.

Rosanna and Alex have the cozy, with a plagerig sexual undertone. He wondered where the cut of her bilvergroting is located. “Some things you just need in the general interest to let you see.”

Fabiola paints ’be mine’ on the chest of Niels. He is a total take over, it even begins to tend to the behavior of Tim from the previous series of Temptation Island. “You are exactly what I look for in a girl”, he claims. Also Donny and Danique are getting closer. Earlier this week came out that they still have fun together.

The sting is in the tail. The men get increasingly difficult, when they are blindfolded to the verleidsters must feel to have to guess who they are for themselves. And the drink flows freely. “I’m sure with the day hitsiger”, proclaims a drunken Ruud. With the announcement that someone is a crank, his genitals. And in the pool, he demonstrates with legs spread to Kelly: “I want you to be just as ready.”

The men decide to isolate. Stefano, Ruud and Donny think they have their transmitter have turned off and say what they really think. “If it could, I had the whole island is taken”, sounds lallend. “Had Kelly long on my face, sat down, and I had Danique upside down ge….” “If you are faithful, then you can play outside as long as cheating if you want.”

Because they have the ultimate relatietest endure, and all the trust and confidence of their girlfriend (back)won. The men concoct some nefarious plan to be in the Netherlands again secretly, with their temptations to come into contact. This is going next week for a cracking campfire!


Ruud (‘the seven crows on my dick’), who in recent weeks guarantee was for crazy seksuitspraken, a: “I have a long time no had sex with my girlfriend, and so on. Recently I saw a raccoon walk and I was even horny. At a given moment, push your boundaries a little bit.”


After their date get Rosanna and Alex visit of Yolanthe, with an additional image, of a scheldende Niels. The ’k*tprogramma gets the blame, of the wild Rosanna. The whole drama around those two starts to get a bit monotonous. They would still need to know how their behavior on the other hand, when the campfire is shown. Have they really learned nothing from the first time?


Ex-Utopiaan Ruud has probably never been to Temptation Island looked. Kelly says that she is really sincere with him. And he kicks with open eyes into the trap of the seductress.

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