LIVE. Trump: ‘Other countries will be Nato’s contribution to fundamentally increase

According to the Us president, Donald Trump will be the other Nato member states make their contribution quickly with a 33 billion dollar increase. “The United States were treated unfairly, that is no longer the case’. That said Trump after a crisisoverleg with the leaders of the other states. They have committed to faster 2 percent of their GDP to invest in defense,according to the American.

Trump week again today off of the schedule. Actually had to talk about the Nato-membership of Georgia and the situation in Ukraine, but Trump chose to make his agenda again. He demanded a spoedzitting about the budget of Nato, and which was also convened.According to news agency Reuters, he said at a meeting behind closed doors, explicitly Germany, Spain, and our country.

According to the agency, he stressed again that all member states 2 percent of their gdp on defence spending. In the united states after there are hardly any states that do that. Belgium promises this since 2014 to do, but in practice dangles our country is near the bottom of the list.

At a press conference told Trump that he until yesterday ‘very unhappy’ was because it is “unfair” was that the US contribute more than other countries. “But today we had a very good meeting. The atmosphere in the meeting room was good. When we went out, everyone was more willing to and faster to contribute’.

In the questions clarified Trump that all members faster that 2 percent would release. that would be ‘within a relatively short period of time, from a few years’ happen. On-term goal is to Trump to strive for that increase to 4 percent, giving him a more “correct” number seems.


In the spoedzitting would Trump repeatedly have said that ‘Angela’ (Merkel, ed.) ‘could do more’ to the German contribution in order to bring. Merkel gave after the spoedzitting also all brief explanation. She speaks of a ‘fundamental discussion’.

The president of Lithuania denied after, however, that Trump threatened would have to be out of Nato. He confirmed, however, that Trump demanded that the budgets for defence immediately to 2 percent have to be increased.

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