Laverne Cox explains her friend’s love

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Cox is a-year along with Kyle Draper

Actress Laverne Cox is a year together with her new husband and that she has marked by him online love to explain. They posted four photos of a night out and wrote that she very much loves him.

The star of Orange is the New Black ” dropped in april to know that she had a relationship with Kyle Draper. In march she had already announced that they a new relationship, but not yet with whom. In april yesterday, she posted a photo of their two, as they lie in bed. She is very relieved that her friend did not need to hide like in the past they sometimes had to. “As a black transgender woman, wanted my partners do not always disclose that they have a relationship with me had,” she said earlier this year to Cosmopolitan South Africa. She was the first transgender on the cover of the magazine.

She told that her relatiegeschiedenis not bad: “When my ex-boyfriend introduced me to his father and invited me to Hanukkah to spend with him and his family, it was the most special thing ever,” she recalls. “Trans women deserve to be in public to be loved.”

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