’Juventus makes a great celebration of Ronaldo presentation”

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Juventus will Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday for the first show to thousands of enthusiastic fans. The Portuguese star was this week, for 112 million euro, acquired from Real Madrid.

The new shirt of Cristiano Ronaldo is already hanging in the fan shop of Juventus.

Ronaldo will start at the beginning of next week in Turin arrive for the medical. When this no problems brings to light, is Ronaldo in the Juventus Stadium presented.

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Juventus will, according to the pink sports La Gazzetta dello Sport throw a big party. The club must still consult with the local police, to keep everything in good jobs to be able to lead.

The Old Lady is counting on a sold out stadium. It is for the first time since the opening of the stadium in 2012 that a player in such a way is presented.

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