John Cleese is Britain’s fed up and moves to the Caribbean island

Fawlty Towers creator, John Cleese turns his motherland Great Britain the back. He will soon move to the Caribbean island of Nevis. To say that is Cleese the whining about the Brexit in the British press tired.

Belgium may not be great in the eyes of the comedian – he called recently to the public in Hasselt yet provocative “lazy, bierdrinkende pseudo-French bastards” – but of his own people and country has Cleese apparently also not too high opinion. The actor will soon move to the Caribbean island of Nevis. It bothers him greatly that the British press “lies telling”. Also the brexit and the debate around the referendum to work on his nerves.

Cleese saw apparently no other solution than zonnigere places. In november, leaves the 78-year-old comedian to zonnigere places.

The British funnyman is primarily in the memory as the man who taught the people laugh. Then he thought of the hilarious ‘Fawlty Towers’, but Cleese was also part of the humorous ‘collective’ Monty Python’. The last years he especially the press with his many divorces, that him large sums of money involved, and bitter remarks about his ex-wives.

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