Israel carries out air strikes in Syria

6af53db3e5f1227518736ab3aa0591f0 - Israel carries out air strikes in Syria

The Israeli army in the night of Wednesday on Thursday confirmed that the air strikes carried out in Syria. Wednesday night had Syrian state media and the Syrian Observatory for human Rights all over the attack message.

“The Israeli army has three military posts in Syria attacked in a response to the infiltration of intercepted Syrian drone in Israel,” says on Twitter. “The Israeli army will resolutely and decisively respond to any attempt to Israeli citizens and the Israeli sovereignty to break,” Syria warned.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israel had said that it is a from Syria coming drone was shot down by a Patriotluchtafweerraket above the golan heights. That was in 1967 by Israel, largely conquered in Syria and later annexed.

Details about the location of the reprisal attacks shows the Israeli army. The staatspersagentschap Sana reported earlier that military targets in the southwestern Syrian province of Quneitra, on the Syrian part of the golan heights, have been targeted. Military sources had against the German press agency DPA about the attacks near the towns of Tal Kroum and Jabah. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights says that in addition, it also targets in the vicinity of Madinat al-Baath have been targeted.

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