Grandpa blundert in the proposal and dupeert young couple

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Albuquerque – A video of an American grandfather has only one simple task at a marriage proposal, which he nota bene itself had proposed, for days viral. The idea was good, but grandpa John Heart fails.

“Christopher! I didn’t know it would happen, but I had told her something about this!”, tells John is still very cool.

Grandpa John Hart is on the road with his son Jaime Hart and his wife, Jayce Flauding, when she and a young couple encounter. The lovebirds are madly in love. Grandpa John has an idea. “I said, wow, it would be great to have your girlfriend here to marry questions and a smile on her face to transform.”

And it came to pass, because Christopher, the man, had the same idea already. The view on a lookout point in Albuquerque, where the travelers take a cable car ride were going, was beautiful. Everything was in position. Grandpa John was a phone in his hands. He had to film.

Then it went miserably wrong. While the marriage proposal in the background to hear, see viewers only the grinnikende face of John, who accidentally the selfie mode was enabled.

Grandchildren in a dent

The video (see below) is to see how John and happier. “Oh, this is so cool!”, he says, at the time that Christopher out of the picture on the knieeën.

As soon as someone notices that grandpa John made the mistake, schatert everyone – except John himself. “It’s okay, it’s okay”, we hear someone say. See here for the moment:

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