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‘Game of Thrones’ and Netflix enter Emmy nomination list to

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With 22 nominations, leads the medieval fantasyreeks ‘Game of Thrones’ the nomination list for the Emmy Awards, the American televisieprijzen. Who will be this year for the 70th time awarded.

‘Game of Thrones’ is not determined above the rest. There was only one Emmy nomination less for ‘Saturday Night Live’, the well-known satirical sketchenreeks, and for ‘Westworld’, the HBO series based on the eponymous film from 1973 by Michael Crichton. Twenty nominations were for ” The Handmaid’s Tail’, the series based on the eponymous, nightmarish novel from Margaret Atwood.

The third season of ‘Twin Peaks’, the masterful surreal series of David Lynch, had to make do with nine nominations.

In total conquered Netflix 112 nominations, four more than HBO. Number three, NBC, follows with 78 nominations at large distance.

The winners of the ‘Oscars of the television, ” on september 17, announced at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

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