Death toll in Japan after floods rises to 199

96c19bf4db9eb1a506e4c89ed5efd146 - Death toll in Japan after floods rises to 199

The floods and mudslides in western Japan already have 199 lives to be claimed. There are also still a lot of people missing.

The heavy rainfall of late last week, which led to flooding and mudslides, making it the largest natural disaster in Japan since 1982.

In the aftermath of the disaster threatening the tremendous heat and lack of drinking water also will lead to the outbreak of various diseases. With more than 200,000 families is currently no drinking water from the faucet.

Prime minister shinzo Abe convened a meeting of the crisis cell to the victims as quickly as possible to be able to help. The government sent tankers with drinking water to the affected areas, as 70,000 soldiers, police officers and firefighters are on the leg to the rubble to search for survivors.

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