Czech government survives a close second vote of confidence in, after thirteen hours of debate

Almost nine months after the elections, the Czech prime minister Andrej Babis, a mandatory second vote of confidence in survived. For the minority of his populist ANO party and the social democratic CSSD voted Thursday morning to 105 of 200

There was a debate in the parliament in Prague preceded that thirteen hours. Babis announced the Czech interests in Europe to defend. ‘We do not want immigration’, said the multimiljardair.

For the first time since democracy in 1989 was introduced, the majority only with the help of the communists. The conservative opposition criticised the gedoogakkoord with the left party, which included in its program a withdrawal from Nato advocates. ‘How far will the power of the communists reach?’, formerly the chairman of the Burgerdemocraten (ODS), Petr Fiala.

The government of the 63-year-old Babis lost in January a vote of confidence in. Then there was still no support from another coalition partner.

The Czech constitution stipulates that the prime minister within thirty months after his swearing in a vote of confidence in organizing.

After the defeat in January named president Milos Zeman Babis a second time. And then now, so a second vote of confidence in followed.

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