’Cynical’ Seehofer is under fire after suicide showed a refugee

22bdbfd19c5d1e92fba3395179a98bf4 - ’Cynical’ Seehofer is under fire after suicide showed a refugee

An Afghan refugee has shortly after he to his native country was turned off there committed suicide. He was part of a group of people deported where the German minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer (CSU) pride had reported that they returned were. It provides Seehofer also within his government coalition and criticism.

At a press conference about the German uitzetbeleid be Seehofer there on Tuesday that more people be returned. “Take Afghanistan, for example. Based on my 69th birthday, without that’s why I’ve asked, 69 people returned, ” he said with a monkellachje. He pointed out that a previous flight, but 10 people were repatriated.

But Wednesday was leaking from that one man all on the day of the eviction, on July 4, immediately after arrival in Kabul committed suicide. Did the criticism about the pronunciation of Seehofer just swell. Especially within the SPD, which, together with the CSU of Seehofer and the CDU of Merkel leads the government, caused the affair fuss. Seehofer himself has so far not responded.

“Master in cynicism’

SPD vice-chairman Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel is called Seehofer on Twitter ‘a master in cynicism’. ‘Political struggle to connect humanity, decency and empathy. That also applies to a minister of Domestic affairs’. The youth wing of the SPD even asks that Seehofer is stepping down after his statements.

The former minister of Family affairs Renate Schmidt writes in an open letter in the Süddeutsche Zeitung that Seehofer ‘no respect’. She accuses him of ‘undisguised joy, ” about the expulsion. “It’s about me not about the lawfulness of the expulsion, but the lack of all humanity. The misfortune of others can never be a gift, or happiness for us. The return of people should not be the subject of bad jokes.” Schmidt says, is to be ashamed that her party Seehofer at the table.


From the corner of the CDU remains the tentative silence. The tone of the pronunciation of Seehofer in each case, in clear contrast with the call of chancellor Angela Merkel last week was still working. She pointed out that we should never forget that it is also always about people.

CSU and CDU are already longer on a different wavelength on migration. The CSU of Seehofer stands for a much stricter policy.

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