’Curse of Mick Jagger’ love to

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The British after their defeat in the semi-finals of the world cup soccer soon a zwartepiet found. According to the British it was the ’Curse of Mick Jagger’ which gave them the das home.

The Rolling Stones frontman has been a name determined not to bring good luck for the teams that he encourages. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2010, he was with Bill Clinton in the race of America against Ghana, when the country of the former president lost. Then, he encouraged Brazil against the Netherlands, where Orange is there with the victory. And when he took a glance at his own England against Germany, the British collaborator.

Also in 2014 it went wrong. Mick encouraged twice England, and both times the country went to ruin. Watch the game of Brazil against Germany, he went with his Brazilian son, Luca, in which the duo ’their’ Divine Canaries with 1-7 the ship saw. The singer joked later: “I want to take the responsibility for the first German goal but not the other six.”

Tuesday was the 74-year-old rocker at the game of Belgium against France, where he our neighbors in vain encouraged. When he Wednesday with the match of England against Croatia took place on the tribune, I spoke to many British supporters on social media for all their fear for the Curse of Mick Jagger. That fear was confirmed: the world cup is, after the 2-1 loss for England.

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