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Croatia is the thirteenth country to a world cup final

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Croatia has Wednesday night for the first time in its history qualified for the final of a football world cup. The opponent, on Sunday at 17: 00) in Moscow is France, which is in its third world cup final after 1998 and 2006).



2 – 1


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Germany is the country that has been most frequently reached the finals, no less than eight times. They won in 1954 (against Hungary), 1974 (against the Netherlands), 1990 (against Argentina) and 2014 (against Argentina) and lost it in 1966 (against England), 1982 (against Italy), 1986 (against Argentina) and 2002 (against Brazil).

Brazil is the record holder with the number of victories (5). The lost continue in the final of 1998 against France) and the decisive poulewedstrijd for the race, in 1950 (against Uruguay).

Italy is third in terms of the number of obtained finals (4 won versus lost two finals). Argentina played five times in the final battle of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS (2x won vs 3x lost).

In addition to France also raised the Netherlands three world cup finals (1974, 1978 and 2010). Uruguay (1930 and 1950), England (1966) and Spain (in 2010) won all the finals that they played.

Hungary and Czechoslovakia lost the two finals in which they participated. Also Sweden lost her only final battle in 1958.

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