Ariana Grande spoke days after attack

After the attack, after the end of her concert in Manchester in 2017, has Ariana Grande two days of almost not talking. Her mother doubted in that time period or the singer ever again on the stage would stand, says Joan Grande to Elle.

After two days knocked Ariana in the middle of the night on her mothers bedroom door. She had made a decision. “She said,” mom, let’s be honest; I’m not going to never sing. But I’m not going to sing before I’m back in Manchester,” says Joan in the interview.

The 25-year-old singer says in the article itself that the benefit concert that they have twelve days after the attack in Manchester gave, her life changed. “It was scary to be on stage again. But then you see that kids with banners that says, ” Hate will never win’. How can I then doubt? I should be there for them. All the young people that the stadium was filled, that was the most inspiring that has happened.”

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