Also the first book that Liane Moriarty is series

After Big Little Lies is again a series made out of one of the books by author, Liane Moriarty. According to Deadline, this time to her first novel, Three Wishes.

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Last year sent HBO the miniseries Big Little Lies, based on the eponymous book by the Australian. The show was a hit and fell frequently in the prizes at the Emmy’s and the Golden Globes. The creators decided yet, a second season, the story picks up where the book of Moriarty ends. Actors Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley to get into the second series of the company of Meryl Streep.

Three Wishes is about three sisters who are each other to the stick, then it appears that they all three not the perfect life that the outside world sees. Currently working on a script for the series, made by Netflix to be developed. There are still no actors attached to the project.

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