Again, Gulen supporters, Turkey’s flown

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ANKARA – The Turkish secret service has alleged supporters of Fethullah Gulen from abroad to Turkey. The two men who are held in Ukraine and Azerbaijan, say sources within the Turkish security services against state news agency Anadolu.

Fethullah Gulen.

The Turkish authorities see the men as important members of the organization of Gulen, the spiritual by Turkey will be held responsible for the bloody couppoging in 2016. The duo is with a privévliegtuig to Turkey flown. The men are suspected of membership of an armed terrorist organisation.

Turkey took earlier this year six alleged Gülenisten back from Kosovo. The prime minister of that country dismissed his minister of the Interior and the chief of the secret service. Premier Ramush Haradinaj said not to have been aware at the extradition.

Turkish president Erdogan said in april that all eighty Gülenisten recovered. Gulen is living in exile in the United States. The Americans refuse him.

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