Accident George Clooney by bright sun

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Clooney was recently in the hospital, but could quickly get back to the house again

The man who earlier this week was involved in a car accident with George Clooney was blinded by the sun. He saw the scooter of Clooney, only at the last moment. The movie star has briefly in the hospital, but could then return to his home in Sardinia.

The driver tells the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that he and the star had not seen. “I couldn’t see anything, I had the sun in my eyes,” he says. “I began just to run, I was just a little over the white line gone. I am in shock. It all happened in such a short time.” The man recognized Clooney when he had his helmet finally. “I tried to quietly continue, I was afraid that he hurt a lot would have,” he adds.

Video footage of the accident show that Clooney is on the front of his scooter flies after the car, the plumber’s got. He came up against the windshield of the car, causing the glass to burst. Then he fell to the ground. A witness to the accident tells the newspaper: “He shouted, and at first it seemed as if his legs could not move.” Clooney was after the crash to the hospital in Olbia, but was later with minor injuries, fired.

The 57-year-old movie star would have been away to work. He films in Sardinia, a television adaptation of the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

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