Zsa Zsa, the ugliest dog of the world, is not more

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SAN FRANCISCO – The 9-year-old bulldog, Zsa Zsa, who earlier this year was named the world’s ugliest dog, is no more. The grumpy-looking dog with a severe underbite and wide shoulders on Tuesday, died.

The owner of the animal, Mega, Brainard, wrote on Facebook: “She stayed with my father. When he this morning came down, he found her dead in her basket. I’m still in shock.”

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A jury chose Zsa Zsa from a list of dogs with flaws. The contest was for the first time in San Francisco. The purpose of the competition is to show that beauty to pets also from within.

For Brainard was the appearance of Zsa Zsa, which was named after the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, is never a problem. On the contrary: “From the moment we her pretty little head saw, we knew that her home would be.”

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