Yolanthe gets rumored marital problems

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The town is about Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau and Wesley Sneijder said that there is trouble in paradise and their marriage on a jump. Yolanthe for once and always clear, that that nonsense is “We are very happy together.”

In an interview with Grazia tells Yolanthe about all the rumors about her and Brad doing the rounds and how they use it. “We have chosen not too deep to go into. And luckily, together, we can still laugh at all this nonsense. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and that is no different for us. But we don’t want rather than old together; we are crazy about each other.”

However, there are regular signals indicated that they are not so happy. It Is not because there nauwelijk photos of them together on her social media, because the two are rarely together be spotted. Yolanthe understand the rumors about their marriage for that reason.

“Wesley has now holiday in Ibiza along with Xess, while people of us always together saw. The thing is that I was now on the run am. But if you are not aware, I can imagine that you go crazy to find that he was there without his wife.” The fact that the presenter and her footballer for their work travel around the world, does not make it any easier.

Also in regard to their ’online relationship’ has the brunette a logical explanation. “We have two years ago, we decided that my Instagram would use as a platform for myself and my work. Aware los of Wesley, because I have so often as a football wife was put down, while I also always have worked hard.”

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