With novitsjok poisoned Brit is no longer critical

917dcfa630c567a4ce6be8be743fa56c - With novitsjok poisoned Brit is no longer critical

The 45-year-old Briton Charlie Rowley, who is poisoned with novitsjok, ‘is no longer in critical condition’. That announced the hospital of Salisbury, where he has been since June 30, hosted, Wednesday.

“He is no longer in critical condition. His condition is now serious but stable, ” said Lorna Wilkinson, the nursing director of the hospital, in a statement.

The hospital announced yesterday that the patient was conscious. ‘Charlie Rowley has during the night made further progress, ” said Wilkinson. “There is still a way to go for Charlie, but the progress we’ve seen so far, encourages us to be optimistic,” she added.

The police announced that they short with him could speak, and in the next few days again to want to do.

Partner died

Also Dawn Sturgess, the partner of Charlie Rowley, was poisoned with novitsjok. She died Sunday night in the hospital, after which an investigation of a killing was initiated.

The main hypothesis of the police is that the poison may be interfaced with the attack with the same nerve agent in early march on the Russian dubbelspionagent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

The police on Wednesday still working on finding out where and when the two, who used to be homeless, were exposed to the high dose novitsjok.

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