What makes well the grotverhaal so irresistible?

a68844bd5456963f211dbd04347cd514 - What makes well the grotverhaal so irresistible?

CHIANG RAI – Daily hit global children involved in accidents, disasters and acts of war. It will often not even the news. But with the twelve kids in the Thai cave everything was different. The world looked at and lived thick two weeks intense.

The irresistible grottenverhaal.

According to the Groningen massapsycholoog Hans van de Sande of that is due to the unique circumstances of this story and its protagonists. First, there is the cave. A place that people, according to Van de Sande associate with near death, with a grave. “When you’re in a cave, gets stuck, is it something like being buried alive. One of the biggest fears that people have,” says the scientist.

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“It looks a lot like a mining disaster. Which also raises always very strong feelings. If you then find that you are successful with all the resources of the almost dead back to life, speaks to that very much. That is so when the miners and all the way, as in this case, to cute Thai boys, of which there are also many images and photos are released.”

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The protagonists are, according to Van de Sande is the second decisive factor that it grottenverhaal so irresistible. The boys who play football, just like our sons, buurjongens or cousins. “We can therefore identify them,” says the psychologist. “Children appeal to our need to care. It does not matter who the children are. No one is immune from that feeling. I’ve worked a lot with fire and police personnel. They can very much have, but if an accident or incident to children, they also not dry.”

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