Video show accident George Clooney

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The crash of George Clooney in Sardinia on Tuesday, captured on video with a camera along the way. The video footage of the clash on the website of the Italian newspaper Corriera della Sera.

George Clooney

On the pictures is to see that the actor with his motor scooter head-on driving into the front of a Mercedes on the wrong lane of the road stopped to turn left to be able to save. Another motorcyclist knows the Mercedes just to dodge, but Clooney collides with his Yamaha on the hood and a few meters into the sky thrown in. Other drivers shoot it right away to help.

The accident happened at 08.15 hours. Clooney, who a helmet wore, with an ambulance and transferred to the emergency department of the hospital in Olbia. The actor spent a few hours in the hospital for tests and underwent an MRI scan. He has bruising on an arm and his knee and has problems with his pelvis.

Clooney is currently in Italy for the recordings of the series Catch-22. “He is at home recovering and it comes back on”, his spokesperson to The Hollywood Reporter know. Clooney staying in a villa in Puntaldia on the northeast coast of Sardinia.

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