Trump wants 4 procentnorm for NATO

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BRUSSELS – The Us president, Donald Trump has on the NATO summit called for higher defence spending than in 2014 has been agreed. Trump wants member states of the alliance 4 percent of gross domestic product spending on defense.

Donald Trump

“He suggested that countries not only to meet the requirement to 2 percent of the gross domestic product (gdp) on defence, but that they increase to 4 percent,” said the spokeswoman of the White House. They stressed that it was not to an official proposal.

Within NATO, it was agreed that countries in 2024, 2% of gdp spend on defence. The member states reiterated in the final declaration of the NATO summit in Brussels once again fully behind this objective. The USA stabbing itself more than 3.5 percent of their gdp in defence which is among the 4 percent that Trump suggested.

’Immediately pay’

While the leaders already heading to their dinner, tweeted Trump all countries to “immediately” 2 percent have to pay, and not over six years. “The USA pays for Europe’s protection, and lose at the same time, billions in trade.” He made no mention of the 4 percent.

Prime minister Rutte said that the Netherlands adheres to the appointment to the 2 percent move. He gave Trump a compliment for the “powerful message” that he has given about the defensiebestedingen. The netherlands now sits at 1.3 percent. “We will in the coming years more and see if there is room in the budget.”

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’Military highway’

As advance was obvious, the leaders agree to acceleration of the military response capability, increase the readiness of the forces, plans for a ’military highway’ through Europe and two new command centres in the USA and Germany. Also article 5 of the NATO treaty, an attack on one member state is seen as an attack on all, was in the final declaration reaffirmed.

“The decisions that we make today have taken show that Europe and North America work together. The NATO supplies and we are committed to our nearly 1 billion citizens to protect,” said NATO chief).

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