Trump to start with argument

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BRUSSELS – The NATO summit in Brussels has not yet begun, or president Trump has wed morning been unmercifully taken out to Germany. It is to him a thorn in the side of the Germans to the Russian gas purchase.

Jens) (l) and Donald Trump (r) at the table for the NATO summit.

Our reporter Ruud for the haskell programming language is in Brussels, and to keep everyone up to date on the.

The atmosphere is tense as the leaders of 29 NATO member countries and their ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence today gather for a summit on the future of the alliance. The expectation is that Trump the Europeans will rubbing it on their defensies need to spend. His show in advance was downright threatening. A meeting with president Putin, Monday in Helsinki, he called the easiest part of his journey.

During a breakfast this morning with NATO secretary-general) gave Trump Germany out of the bag. The so-called Nord Stream 2 project is to him a thorn in the eye. It involves the delivery of Russian gas to Germany.

“I find it very sad that Germany is a large oil and gascontract with Russia is close”

“I find it very sad that Germany is a large oil and gascontract with Russia close,” said the American. “While you on your be wary, you have to pay Germany every year billions of dollars to Russia.”

And that while the U.S. is “suppose is” the Europeans, ” he said. “I think it’s inappropriate.”

The fear in the Europeans and Canada is that Trump Wednesday a lot of files on a lot of will wipe. He is a trade war starts with China and the EU. Also here, it’s mainly the Germans who are the bitten dog. German luxury cars in the streets of New York are to him a thorn in the eye. According to the Republican, “they send their mercedes benz cars”, while they themselves as a bunch of evil-minded behave about defence.

Two-day summit

The leaders of the 29 NATO countries are together in Brussels for a two-day summit. They are to 13.15 hours to be greeted by NATO chief Jens), after which a group photo is taken, followed by the opening ceremony.

The first and most important work session starts at 14.30 hours. The leaders will agree to an acceleration of the military response capability, increase the readiness of the troops and the promotion of a ‘military highway’ through Europe. Two new command centres in the USA and Germany get the green light.

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