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The wonder of Croatia: England comes after epic renewals yet again against the Red Devils in the consolation class

3a1fa172e238ea6fc5bc900c01cd350f - The wonder of Croatia: England comes after epic renewals yet again against the Red Devils in the consolation class

The miracle is done. Croatia is for the first time in its history in the final of the soccer world cup. It was there for the third time in a row renewals are required: England came very soon ahead through a free kick of Trippier, but Ivan Perisic (ex-Club Brugge and Roeselare) scored midway through the second half the equalizer. Mandzukic made in the second half of the renewals for the redemption. It was 2-1.

Coaches Zlatko Dalic and Gareth Southgate changed virtually nothing to their teams after the won quarter finals against, respectively, Russia and Sweden. When the Croats came Marcelo Brozovic in the team for Andrej Kramaric, despite the fact that the latter scored in the quarterfinals against the Russians. The light in an Subasic and Vrsaljko came to the kick-off. On the English side placed Southgate all his hope on the same eleven against Sweden won, led by captain Harry Kane.

Early opening goal

The English started the best party, and that gave them unexpectedly already very early a goal. After an error on Dele Alli if the Three Lions from a nice place in a free kick. Trippier took to his account and placed the ball just below the cover strip. Goalkeeper Subasic had no story: 0-1 for England. And again a goal on a stationary phase: of the 12 goals that the English already scored, there were only 9 that way. The English put their blitzstart further, in particular through the lightning-fast Sterling and a pack of corners. The kopbalsterke Harry Maguire could twice his head against it, but the scored was not there.

The Croats arrived after twenty minutes and finally a little bit of in the competition. Mainly through the tireless Ante Rebic was repeatedly tegengeprikt, but the best chances came from the English side. Kane missed the first incomprehensible and on the half hour came to a double miss. First hit he the ball on Subasic, the rebound went – although from a sharp angle through the pole, and Subasic. Also Lingard couldn’t score a goal from a promising position: the shot bumped meters apart. On the stroke of peace claimed the Croats a penalty after a mistake from Maguire on Lovren, but ref Cakir and the VAR showed no shrinkage. 0-1 was the idle.

Perisic unleashes Croats

After the break, it seemed England and Croatia have little fut, about to have after a long tournament. Chances were, after ten minutes it was Kane from his head, just not against a tight ball in from Trippier places. The Croats could get there a few opposite places, and played sloppy, but gradually the pressure increased. The English were alerted when an extreme blast of Perisic was allowed to creep in by Kyle Walker, who learn in a rather unpleasant place against the body. Two minutes later it was touch for Perisic. The ex-player of Club Bruges and Roeselare tapped a tight ball from Vrsaljko with the outside of the shoe along Pickford. Wonderfully finished and the start of a Croatian storm.

Suddenly believed the Croats back in, and how. With an almost unseen urge forward drove the British in the defence. Three minutes after his equalizer, he kicked Perisic from a difficult angle on the post, the rebound from Rebic was saved by Pickford. Crosses continued artillery shells rain down in the English sixteen. The Three Lions saw stars. Fortunately for them were Rebic, Mandzukic, Perisic and Brozovic Pickford on their way to or intended for them to be outside the framework. Via Alli and Lingard there were still two dangerous counters, but the English did nothing with it. With shock and trembling was the end of the extra time: extensions.

Mandzukic strikes in extensions

In the first renewals seemed to be the fatigue to strike at the Croats, who suddenly again came under pressure to stand. The English got the chance on the 2-1, but the header of Stones was the line taken by Vrsaljko. The Croats cease a moment later, again the nose to the window, but also a substitute Kramaric and Mandzukic could not score a goal. Early in the second half of the renewals came the redemption, then by Mandzukic. A high ball from Perisic doorgekopt. The English defenders were sleeping, and Mandzukic took the gift gratefully.

After the hit of Mandzukic came the English with difficulty. Also the contribution of striker Jamie vardy granted could them no more help. 2-1 was the final score. For Croatia it is the first final ever, after she in 1998 it turned off were in the semi-finals. They will compete against France, the team that them then stopped. The English missed a chance to put their title from 1966 to repeat and play Saturday in the consolation class at the Red Devils.

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