Thai football players and trainer are in good mental health”

The twelve boys and their trainer for more than two weeks trapped in a cave, to dwell in a very good mental health’. That have doctors Wednesday declared. The thirteen were during a rescue operation, which until Tuesday has lasted, all out of their precarious position freed.

‘They may be as good because them all the time together spent together as a team have helped’, said dr. Thongchai Lertvilairattanapong during a press briefing at the hospital where the thirteen are cared for.

‘They are all in good physical health, without fever or severe infections. Only three boys have a mild pneumonia,’ said the doctor.

The boys, all between eleven and sixteen years, and their year trainer, have yet to have a week stay in the hospital, and so will not be able to enter on the invitation of the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA to get to the finals of the world cup to go and have a look.

The thirteen came on June 23, in the cave, stuck, when they were surprised by the rising water. The first four boys were Sunday from the cave removed, the next four on Monday and the last four and the trainer on Tuesday.

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