Ten days kraamverlof in EU closer

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BRUSSELS – A partnerschapsverlof of ten days at a minimum of 80 percent of gross wages seems to be the approach of the European Parliament in negotiations on new EU-legislation. The committee for employment and social affairs has agreed to this move, as well as with the right to four months parental leave and five days annual statutory leave (both at 78 percent of the gross wage) and the right to flexible working hours.

The full parliament in september for approval. Then the negotiations with the member states and the European Commission begin. Also, the member states came last month, ten days kraamverlof match, but they propose that each country itself, the amount of the benefit should determine. Minister Wouter great tit (Social Affairs) voted against ten days.

Paid in full partnerverlof of two to five days

In the Netherlands next year, the fully paid partnerverlof of two to five days increased. Dutch employees get from 2020 in the first year after the birth is entitled to five weeks extra leave at 70 percent of the wage.

The majority of EU ministers voted in June for four months of parental leave, of which at least one and a half month should be paid at a level that each country itself determines. The Dutch law on parental leave is now 26 times the number of hours per week is worked and is unpaid.

EU mep Agnes Jongerius: ,,The Dutch government remains the only one in Europe step on the brakes when it comes to an improvement of the father – and parental leave. Even with the new plans of the minister of great tit, the Netherlands remains a moderate middenmoter in the EU. The EU parliament is going to move forward when it comes to a good work-privébalans.’

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