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Again, it is ráák at diva CONNIE WITTEMAN, thuiskomend of a dinner, discovered that her home was visited and turned upside down by a bunch of burglars. That went away with a treasure trove of jewels, which she thought she was safe in her safe kept. For convenience, the men had the complete safe, but included.

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Connie is shocked, more so that many of the pieces – literally – beautiful memories of her good years with the death last year, HANS BREUKHOVEN. Hans didn’t look up a ton more or less when he and his wife wanted to be pampered with a necklace, ring or bracelet.

Virtually the entire collection is now far!

Seven weeks after the sprookjesbruiloft of PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN, we create the balance sheet. The American old-actress is fast becoming the true, níeuwe PRINCESS DIANA to be loved so she is in her new country and in the States. But there is still the issue with her father, who now, however, still should be solved.

MARTIJN FISCHER is the father. The likeable actor, who became famous as ANDRÉ HAZES, is by the announced arrival of the small not, however, think differently about his decision not to live together…

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