Smiling ’neo-bride’ hear the verdict unmoved to

MUNICH – Laughing is neo-nazi-who Beate Zschäpe, the stuffed courtroom. Tosses her hair defiantly to the rear for photographers and cameramen. As if she was a popular model and is not a tenfold murderer, who helped with attacks using nail bombs and fifteen bank robberies.

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Seemingly unmoved she hears the endless judgment of the court. Lifelong, after a mammoetproces of five years. Zschäpe and her four accomplices, helped with the largest extreme-right moordserie since 1945.

She played the brave East German wife, while she, with two neo-nazis the bed in Chemnitz and Zwickau shared. Together they formed, so judge Götzl, the terror gang National-Sozialistische Surfaces.

This NSU popped up in 1998, collected arms and explosives. “Seemingly at random were nine migrants from racially motivated murdered,” says Götzl with a soft voice. It were Turkish and Greek entrepreneurs in Germany, where döner-murders speaks. Some were selling kebabs, others flowers, vegetables, or had a newspaper stand.

Beate Zschäpe

Furthermore, two waiting agents in Heilbronn cold-blooded shot in the head. A died there. In a lot of places were informants of the secret service in the neighborhood. Lawyer Sebastian Scharmer: “There was by the Verfassungsschutz Of 200,000 D-Mark to the extreme right-wing helpers for worthless information.” So financed the German state of murderous neo-nazis.

Although Heinz Fromm, the head of the secret service, had to resign, there are the survivors still many open questions. “We are disappointed,” says Abdulkerim Şimşek, that his father lost. The secret files were, however, by the papiersnipperaar met or continue to 120 years behind lock and key.

Then screams of a man desperate cries in Turkish by the court. It is the father of Halit Yozgat, whose son by the NSU in Kassel in his internet café was liquidated. He had his murderers never met earlier.

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