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Six festivaltips for whom this weekend, however, convincing the French want to see

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You would after the game of Tuesday spontaneously your holiday plans in la douce France to cancel and to a neutral country like the Netherlands or Italy attract. Those who have a shred of forgiveness offers but would prefer to be Fransozen to work to see that more regular scoring and no help from a referee are needed, may the coming weekend with these six artists.


That the loss of a loved one to great music can lead, underlined Nick Cave last weekend, even at Rock Werchter. Victor Solf of the lost the past year, a childhood friend, namely his medemuzikant Simon Carpentier. The French duo was cut in half, but drew a zest for life, loss. Re playing with a new line-up and see occur in each a tribute. A sultry tribute: the passionate melancholy of Rhye and Blood Orange are never far away.

Cactus, Saturday, July 14, 13.35 hours


Rapcollectief L’entourage introduced almost single-handedly swag in the French dictionary. It was just not language conflict, but on the stage they fire very chaud their raps. In the drawing up, on the Dour are Nekfeu, Alpha Wann, Deen Burbigo, Jazzy Bazz, Eff Gee, 2zer, Doums, Mekra, Framal and Fonky Flav prepared. Hopefully racks they do not occur unnecessarily.

Dour, Saturday 14 July, at 21.30 hours, The Last Arena

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Du pain, du vin et du boursin tastes just that little bit better when you Charlotte Gainsbourg can see and hear. Under the impulse of a mother Jane Birkin, she started young acting, but it was the death of her father Serge Gainsbourg love for music did flare up. Six albums later excels in the Parisienne in the Minnewaterpark, and it would not surprise us if some of the inhabitants of Bruges, this French jewel in retrospect want to keep them.

Cactus, Saturday, July 14, 20.00

A$AP Rocky

An American rapper or a Dutch hiphopfestival has as much with France as well-designed toilets or the mastery of multiple languages. Anyway, these fit in the list, because Woo Hah takes place for the first time in the Beekse Bergen, and live there quite francofiele cheetahs. A$AP Rocky made two years ago, a guest performance during the show of that namesake A$AP Ferg, and this year he may as headliner proved themselves with fresh hiphopanthem ‘Praise the lord’ in the (digital) turntables. Who without gold teeth is not from the show want to attack: flossing helps.

Woo Hah, Saturday 14 July, 22.30, Snipes Internship

Soirée Gainsbourg with Rudolf Hecke

Just after daughter Charlotte Bruges in rapture, father, Serge Gainsbourg honored in that other weldoorwaterde city. Gainsbourg-connoisseur and gifted storyteller Rudolf Hecke, in the interstices of the nineties, is active in the psychedelic pop band Pop In Wonderland, leads the evening in good jobs. He is accompanied by percussionist Hilde De Clerq and duo Derek & Maria

Gentse Feesten, Saturday, 14 July, 23: 30, Beverhoutplein

Original Gypsies

For the first time in thirty years there will be four members of the Gipsy Kings together on a Belgian stage. The well-disguised Fransozen – they sing mainly in Spanish – get Sunday night strengthening of a number of guest musicians. Whether France win or lose, thanks to hit single ‘Bamboléo’ is in any case an evening that you will not quickly out of your head.

Afro Latino, Sunday, 15 July, 20: 45, Main Stage


This 26-year-old French rapper stands this weekend for the third time at the festival. Quite a feat, especially since he only has one studio album and a series of ep’s. He is good friends with the rappers of L’Entourage, and also Inhabitants, Caballero and Roméo Elvis to his potes can count, helps of course. Rap that also the non-hiphoppers can delight – just listen to ‘Jeux disent’.

Dour, Sunday 15 July, 22.30 hours, Boombox

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