Sarah Palin furious with Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sarah Palin has had it with comedian Sascha Baron Cohen. On Facebook writes the American politician that the Brit her under false pretenses has been interviewed for his programme Who is America.

Sacha Baron Cohen arriving

“Yes, I am depressed,” writes Palin. “I belong now to a long list of American public of persons who are victims of the false, sickening ‘humour’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen. Made possible and sponsored by CBS/Showtime.”

Cohen pretended to be a U.s. war veteran who Palin wanted to speak. Because they have a lot of respect for war veterans flew Palin to Washington to talk with him. “I thought it was going to be an honest discussion with someone that his country had served,” writes the politician. She was, however, soon realized that the veteran is none other than the British comedian.

When Palin realized that she was in the comment was taken by Cohen, she became angry and cut the interview off. She is furious at Cohen. Not only because he her for the crazy, but mostly because he with his act of lack of respect showed for war veterans. She calls his behavior and the insinuations that he during the interview made perverse.

Wrong airport

After she angrily ran away, she was by people of the program to the airport. But that went completely wrong. “They brought us deliberately to the wrong airport so we can make our flight missed”, she lets her followers know.

Palin has Cohen made a proposal. She wants the Brit all proceeds from the program donates to charities and groups in America who are committed to the well-being of American war veterans. “Politicians and public figures in the tricked as much as you want”, he complained Palin further. “But how can you get it in your head to the spot to float with the people who fought for their country. That is sick.”

The interview with Palin belongs to a comic series of documentaries that Cohen about America for CBS/Showtime.

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