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Sarah Palin fooled by Sasha Baron Cohen: ‘Perverse’

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The former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin says that the British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen has tricked for a ‘perverse’ interview.

Sasha Baron Cohen, best known for his characters Borat and Ali G., was, according to Palin as a wounded military veteran. Themselves they will find the joke very misplaced.

“Yes, we are fooled’, she writes on Facebook. ‘You did, Sacha. You feel good now? Just as a long list of famous Americans, I am the victim of the evil, parasiterende, sick “humor” of the British “comedian”.’


The former governor thought that the interview for a historical documentary on Showtime was and traveled with one of her daughters to Washington, DC. ‘I endured a long interview filled with a hollywoodiaans lack of respect and sarcasm. Eventually I had enough and I have the interview and leave.’

After the interview, the producers of her purposely to the wrong airport, dropped off, says the Republican vicepresidentskandidaat of 2008.

New series

On Monday it became known that Sasha Baron Cohen a year undercover has filmed for a new project for Showtime. The series of Who is America? brings together a number of persons from the political and cultural world view. Reportedly would also Bernie Sanders and Dick Cheney interviewed.

The series is in the July 15 premiere.

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