Rage Against The Machine angry at Nigel Farage

Rage Against The Machine demands that the British politician Nigel Farage his podcast Farage Against The Machine a different name. In a letter to the UKIP leader, the lawyer of the band that Farage ’shameless and illegal’ use of the group name, reports The Guardian.

Rage Against The Machine wants, according to lawyer Howard King has nothing to do with Farage or his ’repugnant’ policy, which are full of extreme right-wing political views’. Farage unveiled the name of his podcast in march, after which the band immediately said there not happy with it. Farage went there, however.

It is not the first time that politicians and musicians collide. As demanded Bruce Springsteen in 1984, Ronald Reagan is no longer made of his song Born In The USA for his election campaign. Also, the current American president Donald Trump was already several times the meantime, by artists who didn’t want their music used.

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