Radio station NRJ Vlaanderen with IP Belgium’s new advertising agency

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NRJ Flanders opts for IP Belgium as a new mediaregie. The Flemish Audiovisual Regie (VAR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VRT, has indeed withdrawn as advertising agency of the new commercial radio station. Notify owners of “media house” and SBS Belgium this afternoon.

SBS, the financial holding company of the commercial stations Four, Five and Six, starting this fall with NRJ, the new radio station that is in active listeners between 14 and 44 focus. Two Flemish media groups form the integral structure of NRJ Vlaanderen: 50 percent “media house”, (publisher of, among others The Standard/The Nieuwsblad”) and 50 percent of The Pond Media, financial holding company of SBS.

That it was a subsidiary of the VRT, a public company, would be responsible for the advertising agency of the commercial station NRJ, made here and there for resentment. Under more Medialaan, financial holding company of, inter alia, VTM and Q-Music, was angry at the reclamedeal. Also the Flemish radio club, that the interests of the Flemish radio broadcasters to defend, was not amused.

The VAR will stop now with the collaboration with NRJ. “The choice of the VAR to be less than two months before the start of NRJ Vlaanderen cooperation as mediaregie for NRJ Vlaanderen unilaterally, hinders and prevents the commercial start-up of a new player on the Flemish radio market,” says Peter Quaghebeur, CEO of SBS, today in a press release from SBS. “This approach of the VAR is particularly harmful for the dynamics within the Flemish radio market. We bring currently the damage from this entirely untimely decision and consider our legal steps.”

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